tekIntegra has developed and adopted the best practices and methodology to support various technology projects and customers.

Application Development

Software development today is client-need based and promises to stay the way it was developed. The development of new software application is the key component to gain a competitive edge. So, it is that the project is done right within your budget and time requirements. You can select the right technology to get there quickly, without false starts and wasted investment. Our application development is designed to implement all the requirements round the clock in a mission critical system from scratch to final release of the product with customized and business solutions. tekIntegra has a series of service offerings specifically designed to help you develop more for less. Whether you want to offshore a module of your application or a specific function development, we can help. tekIntegra provides the services to meet a company’s total application development and integration needs. tekIntegra has the technology skills and life cycle experience to support you with end-to-end systems engineering solutions. We are flexible enough and very experienced in tailoring our methodology to match our client’s vision and needs.

Some of the highlights of our custom application development services are:
  • Proven methodologies to meet custom development based on your needs.
  • Rapid application development framework that drastically reduces time and costs
  • Knowledge re-use that reduces the time to develop solutions.
  • Business process based approach that allows us to provide solutions that drive enterprise effectiveness.
  • Internet/Intranet and customized application development.
  • Extranet development.
  • System Integration.
  • Database support.
  • Web enabling for the existing legacy business applications.
  • Business intelligence and decision support systems.
tekIntegra works through a lifecycle anywhere in the world
  • From business vision to design.
  • From implementation to management.
  • From integration to maintenance and support.
Application Maintenance & Support Services:

tekIntegra helps its clients to focus on their core business activities by outsourcing their existing application maintenance. It provides 100% dedicated professionals who oversee the day-to-day activities while optimizing the performance of client’s applications. tekIntegra does more for less money.We manage a huge variety of applications for clients through our maintenance tasks. We have successfully maintained our client’s systems without any complications such as the system age, poor documentation and lack of expertise in the relevant technologies. Our comprehensive methodology for the application maintenance captures the functionality and processes for the entire life cycle.

We provide you with on-going support, maintenance, enhancement and evolution of your application including client/server and web-based. The tekIntegra Applications Maintenance offer include Six main components:
  • Maintenance: Corrective and preventive day-to-day support.
  • Enhancement: Application help desk and problem solving management.
  • Service Management: Resource management, service planning, control, monitoring, reporting and quality management.
  • Production Support: Monitoring of environment, Database backups, and Account Maintenance.
  • 24X7 assistance support: This centralized tracking insures no duplication of efforts, streamlining processes and speedy communications.
  • Re-engineering: Streamlining business processes to achieve productivity improvements.
  • Migration: Upgrading the existing environments to the current trend as per the clients needs.
We deliver these above components by using rigorous processes, methodologies to well-defined terms and conditions, managed & measured according to predefined agreements. The result is improved efficiency, application value, timeliness and controllable costs.
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